Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scottish Lads from Hell

Spearmint- Scottish Pop
BMX Bandits- Kylies got a crush on us
Ballboy- Song for Kylie
De Rosa- Hopes and Little Jokes
Psychonauts- Hips for Scotland
Sons & Daughters- Monsters
Half Cousin- Country cassette link
Malcolm Middleton (And Alan Bissett)-The Rebel On His Own Tonight
Camera Obscura- Your Picture
Trashcan Sinatras & Ali Smith- Half an apple
Mull Historical Society- Public Service Announcer


FP said...

Thank you so much, O Sane one. I'm so out of touch with what's going North of the Border. Even just listening to the first song makes me give a great 'Aaaaaah of appreciation'. The Celts still have it... When I lived in Auld Reekie, we regarded the Cocteaux, Lloyd Cole, Simple Minds, Big Country, Runrig and indeed the Proclaimers as the epitome of all things Scottish. Still enjoy all those bands. I will so enjoy this list. Hang on. It's all Scottish music, innit? Not...(lower lip trembling) songs about Scotland....????
You kind peeps will be pleased to know I've reconciled myself with i-Movie. I had a massive rejection reaction initially, probably because I made the mistake of reading an instruction manual which I never ever should do as it irritates me senseless. Just play with the thing!! Click around with it. You soon get used to the inner logic and ergonomics of the thing. Some serious holiday movie editing in view. I may be gone for some time. BUT I'll be in when I'm doing the conversions to .AVI as that still seems to take wee while...

saneshane said...

they should take you back FP
Spearmint are from your neck of the woods (Newcastle- not France)..
but the rest have fine Scottish accents.

(This Time I left out 'The Roots- 100% Dundee' who seem to have a song for any compilation! but as far as I know aren't Scottish )

"inner logic and ergonomics" on a computer?...
but I do agree with playing rather than instruction books..

Blimpy said...

Woah! megapost! will nab some of these later!

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - please stop it!
Spearmint? Excellent - never heard of them before.
Ballboy - joyous - natch.
Malcolm Middleton and his mate Alan - super!
Trashcan Sinatras - lovely (as expected)
Mull Historical Society - the only one here that I actually knew.
Sons & Daughters - the only one here that I actually couldn't listen to.

sourpus said...

Spearmint's Scottish Pop has been one of my favorite pop songs in the world now for many years. I think I first heard it on an Uncut freebie CD oh, about 8 years ago. One thing though - I know most but not all of the Scottish heroes mentioned. Would somebody mind walking me through that lyric and saying exactly who is who? Please!


sourpus said...

Specifically, Emma P and Douglas T - I know all the others well enough to guess...

sourpus said...

They are such tremendous lyrics, so far up my personal pop street, I think i'll even post them:

All I wanted
I have now got
if misery's number one
then I'm not
'cos when I'm with you
I feel it will never stop
I feel like I'm listening to
Scottish pop
anticipation, is worth the wait
I sneak a look at you
and you look great
you think you've caught me
and it's a fair cop
I feel like I'm listening to
Scottish pop

I just want you to know
that whatever happens
in the future
that right at this moment
I'm very happy
and very much
in love with you

the secret goldfish
edwyn c
nectarine no. 9
bobby g
if you think this is uncool
well that's fine by me
stephen pastel
raymond mcginley

adventures in stereo
emma p emma p
stuart murdoch
douglas t douglas t
you can call me
a plagiaristic English fop
but when I'm with you
I feel like I'm listening to
Scottish pop

There you go.

TonNL said...

Just recently discovered Ballboy (thanks to a guy working in the best recordshop in the world...), and they are great! I think I posted a video of the BMX Bandits Kylie song over here a couple of months ago, together with this version from Tullycraft (who are not from Scotland...):

Blimpy said...

emma p is emma pollock from the delgados, who also runs chemikal underground records - which was home to mogwai and arab strap and various other trailblazers

duglas t is the chap from bmx bandits, right? anyone who's anyone has played in the bmx bandits at some point. it's like the fall, but without the violence for exbmxers:

Sushil Dade
Sean Dickson
Francis MacDonald
Joseph McAlinden
Duglas T. Stewart
Norman Blake
Eugene Kelly
Jim McCulloch
Finlay MacDonald
John Hogarty
Gordon Keen
Willie McArdle
Gabriel Telerman
Jamie Cameron
Stuart Kidd
Brian McEwan
James McEwan
Martin Kirwan
Rachel MacKenzie
David Scott

Blimpy said...

excellent tunes by the way!

sourpus said...

Cheers Blimpy. It was bugging me for years that one.

steenbeck said...

Shouldn't that be MacSpill. Tried listening to these too, earlier. Tomorrow everything will work.

saneshane said...

Okay.. cheers all.. I'm suffering with extreme fever.. so glad most of that lot has been answered..

Spearmint 'sweeping the nation' 'the flaming lips' 'julie christie' some great tunes.. I know someone else mentioned 'sweeping the nation' on songs about radio years ago.. Tracy, was it you?
Shirley, for that is his name.. pretty much does story telling albums.. concept pop as you were.
'a different lifetime' is my favorite out of the ones I've got. Cherry pick if you don't like that idea!

@sourpus that uncut ended with Bill Hicks me thinks!

Couple of these are from an album called
'Ballads of the Book'
collaborations between Scottish writers and singers sorted by Roddy Womble and the Scottish Arts Council there's 18 tracks and is Feckin' ace.. go buy.
(it does have another Sons & Daughters track toffeeboy.. don't let that put you off!)

@steen Mc vrs Mac
Shaney McShanes (McB... in the past)
Quote.." Mac and Mc indicate Scottish or Irish origins. They are both EXACTLY the same word, the Mc is actually the abbreviated form of Mac (and sometimes meic) and was usually written M'c (sometimes even M') with the apostrophe indicating that the name has been abbreviated (there are many other characters indicating abbreviation including two dots under the c).

There is however one distinction you can make as far as differentiating between a name being Scottish or Irish. If it is an O' name it is always Irish (those in Scotland are mostly nineteenth century emigrations), but if it is a mac, mc or other variation it can be both Scottish or Irish!"

Our Clan have Arran links and West coast of Ireland links so Mr McSpill joins us in this post.

shoey said...

Am way behind on my listening, but my favorite Scottish band is Calvin Party, who have a new album out. Will 'Spill some if I catch up & remember.

Shoey said...

Oh & from the dept. Of shameless plugs, nobody seem's to have found the Jesse Rae track in my bed list (or the creepy Thee More Shallows, come to that).

sourpus said...

saneshane@ so it did. Also featuring Gorky's Zygotic Mynci's 'Let Those Blue Skies', TRex's Life's a Gas, Luke Haines' Discomania and The Human League's All I ever wanted - all of them great songs. Bill Hicks's Good Times on Drugs would have been the icing on the cake, were it not for Scottish Pop, which I understand was never released as a single - WHAT was THAT about???

I was living in Folkestone at the time (I remember now) and I had a Russian girlfriend who really dug the tune also. Top memory.

TracyK said...

It was me who relentlessly plugs Sweeping The Nation (Dobie Gray's Out On The Floor lifted for the backing track) Shane. I especially like the ones you've mentioned. Their track The Flaming Lips (and boy, does that make people cross on Youtube: 'THis isn't the Falming Lips, YOU IDIOT!' Uh...) For me it's perfect indie pop.

Loved the whole list. I flippin'love Scottish pop!