Friday, November 14, 2008

"I said no trainers!"

Ludacris finally addresses the etiquette of being all in someone's ear in a club:
"I can't hear nothing you saying or spitting, so wassup!
Can't you see we in the club?! Man shut the fuck up!!"

The first challenge is of course to get inside the club, then you get in, do a little dance (make a little love too if you're kinky like that) maybe just stand with your back up the wall and look at the people having fun, and then there's the exit, it's all here for you in chronological order.

I Am Somebody
Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)
Nightclubbing by Grace Jones
I'm A Flirt (Shoreline)
Hot In Herre by Tiga
Dance Across The Floor
Ask the DJ
Promiscuous feat. Timbaland
She Wants To Move (Remix feat. Common, Mos Def, Q-Tip & De La Soul)
Blinded By The Lights
U Got The Look
All My Friends
Last Night Changed It All

Bonus track:


saneshane said...

I love ask the dj
all my friends

I'm a flirt is such a good mix.. obviously I come from the Broken Social scene side...

hope you are having a fine night .

ejaydee said...

Thanks Shane, it was as enjoyable as always. Keb Darge didn't play any Scottish pop, but his brogue kept the 'Spill theme going.

I tried listening to the original Shoreline, but it didn't seem as good somehow, they must have done something different to the music. Of course I'm not coming from the R. Kelly side because you know, he's insane, in a bad way.

goneforeign said...

Ejay: That's Joe Williams with the Count, I saw him many times in the 50's.

steenbeck said...

Finally watched the Ludacris, Excellent video. I've been meaning to check him out since I heard this...

steenbeck said...

Oh yeah, and have you heard this (ignore the video) I think it samples the same Jesse Jackson speech...

ejaydee said...

How could I ignore Charles Bronson!
The same Jesse Jackson the one used in a PE song?
I know it's from Wattstax.
Oh I just got it. The same speech as the other song that's called I Am Somebody, duh.
I think you'd also like the video to that song actually.
Mehdi is the one on the right, in his French that jacket is called a Teddy, but something tells me that's not what they're really called.

ejaydee said...

Oh and Ludacris is a funny guy, but with apparently a good head on his shoulders. He's got some good songs. I don't know which ones I'd recommend to you though. That video was directed by Spike Jonze. Stand Up is kind of the same style.
This is funny though:
Street Cred Fail Alert

steenbeck said...

I did like the DJ Mehdi video, very much. I'd like to hear more of his work. After the weekend I'll do a search.
I think they call them "Letter Jackets" here. Back in the day, you got your school letters on them, and then if you were in sports you got letters for the sport that you could put on your sleeve. I have one from my father's high school in Detroit. Must be from the 60s. Or maybe the late 50s. (I have a letter, not the jacket) it's sort of a terry cloth and it's an "N" which is my actual first initial.

steenbeck said...

and Martha and Origami were the LAST things I expected to see.

DD said...

@ sb - N! WTF?

steenbeck said...

DD--Claire is my middle name.