Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm your man

Several 'spillers have mentioned that they have contributed generously to the L. Cohen retirement fund. I have too, and saw him in concert on Tuesday night in Bournemouth. The average age of the audience, not surprisingly, was north of 40. There was a hint of ghoulish interest in seeing him for what might be the last time, given that he's 74 (but maybe he's now about ready to stand for President!).

My nephew said it's music to cut your wrists by. And Cohen almost accepts this, saying he gave up prozac and spiritualism because "cheerfulness kept breaking through".

His voice is still intact, if a little weather beaten. He claims to regret the fact that he can't sing, but his distinctive gravelly half singing is something you either love or hate. I loved it, especially given the intelligent poetry of his lyrics, but tired of it by the seventies, due to repetition fatigue. I only recently got into his later oeuvre, including his productive collaborations with Sharon Robinson, on Ten New Songs and Dear Heather, who joins him on stage on this tour.

We got two and a half solid hours for our wedge, and he covered his whole career well. I can't recall the full set list, but it was over 30 songs. And as a bonus we got the virtuoso playing of Spaniard Javier Mas. The band was tight, the sound impeccable, and for LC's fans, it was rare treat.

The other day, on the Obama euphoria post, I posted some of the lyrics from Democracy, a song which got a cheer last night.

To whet your appetite, here are a few clips from the concert taken with my little pocket camera (sorry the sound quality isn't too brilliant).


Shoey said...

Contributions to the Shoey retirement fund are also welcome.

saneshane said...

Has your manager run off with all your cash, shoey?

I was going to come down to this GHE.. but I'm not a fan of the BIC as a venue.. having said that I'd watch the old fellow sing in a box.. glad you had a good one

(perhaps it was my manager and her mini henchman that stopped me.. they're not so sure about my investments in vinyl either, it's the future I tell thee)

glasshalfempty said...

@shoey - when you've had $5m embezzled by your manager, and not got a cent back thru' the courts, get in touch with me!

@saneshane - have you tried the BIC since it was done up? There's a new more intimate venue where the old pool was (The Solent Hall). Sigur Ros were there last week, no sitting allowed, only dancin'!

BTW, I've finally got the whole Cohen video up now...

saneshane said...

that does sound better GHE

I'm down mid December shall see who is on and take you for a brew at the Goat if you're about!

did you get the Sigor Ros downloads:
Dsd might be interested too.. if he doesn't already have them all.

shall watch the vid now.

Shoegazer said...

OK, GHE, will settle for one of those pocket cameras in my xmas stocking - great vid.

glasshalfempty said...

@saneshane - yeah, a beer at the goat sounds good to me. I think you've got my email - let me know when you're down. (When I worked for the Council here, we used to hold management meetings in the goat!). Thanks for the sigur ros link - there were a few I didn't have, and they're goodies too.

@shoey - an amazing little beast from Kodak, now sadly discontinued, but no doubt freely available on ebay. A V610. Two lenses, covering 10x optical zoom between them. Nothing protruding from the body at any time. About the size of 10 ciggies. Movies as well as stllls - and unusually for a camera like this, you can zoom while filming in movie mode. Crackerjack.

saneshane said...

hey GHE.. I did have your card!

I'm down Thurs December the 11th to 14th if you are about, Saturday busy..
but shall organize the Goat around that..

ticked the follow up e-mail box bellow..
send me a message and we should sort something closer to the time.

cheers, Shane.

saneshane said...

you find my e-mail in my profile.