Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beddie Bye

Mississippi John Hurt--Pallet on the Floor
Laura Lee--Two Lovely Pillows
Bessie Smith--Empty Bed Blues Parts 1 & 2
Fred Wesley and His Horny Horns--Between 2 Sheets
Steve Arrington--Beddie Bye
Pete Rock & CL Smooth--Skinz
B&S Beautiful
Remember the Mountain Bed--Wilco & Billy Bragg
Bed, bed, bed, bed--TMBG

I was trying to keep it to 10--there are a few others I mentioned on the mothership that I either posted links for or assume everyone knows. So good night, 'Spillers, and sweet dreams.


ToffeeBoy said...

Love the Steve Arrington - is that the same person who did I Feel So Real?

The Belle & Sebastian track is indeed beautiful.

steenbeck said...

I added my current obsession...Wilco & Billy Bragg singing Woody Guthrie's Remember the Mountain Bed.