Saturday, November 22, 2008


Gun Man--Ethiopians
Stepping Razor--Peter Tosh
Pogues--Boys From County Hell
Tom T. Hall--Salute to a Switchblade
Belle & Sebastian--Lord Anthony
Decemberists--O Valencia
Souls of Mischief--Live and Let Live
Black Star--Respiration
Roots--Return to Innocence
Lupe Fiasco--Little Weapon


nilpferd said...

Great playlist Steen, as I said on RR the Ursula Rucker is essential. Lupe Fiasco also a great track, and the Tom T Hall reminds me of my neighbour, and the time he had to pull a soldier out of prison for getting into a running fight with a knife wielding gang on the way home from the beer festival. Also like the Souls of Mischief.

ToffeeBoy said...

Loved the Tom T Hall track, also, of course Belle & Sebastian and The Decemberists. Thanks.