Sunday, November 16, 2008

Little eyes

YO LA TENGO-little eyes
not songs for them.. but how did I forget YO LA TENGO for the bed theme?

BMX Bandits- serious drugs
The Innocence Mission-song about traveling
Shantel-disco partizan
St.Thomas-dance to the disco
Ballet-when you go dancing
BMX Bandits- serious drugs (other mix)
there isn't enough songs to catch up with I think.. so here's a few that I've missed- don't quite fit or Blimpy was going on about, but couldn't find! enjoy.


steenbeck said...

Saneshane, I've spent the last few days making monsters out of cardboard. I'll be dreaming about them. and My boys will love your picture.

saneshane said...

I Think we all need to know...
did it out do the dragonfly?

We've been making a cardboard castle for the monsters to fly out of.. and a paper mountain range.. yep I'm dreaming about them too.

steenbeck said...

Somebody else made the cake, which was a good thing because I had such a busy weekend. But I think I might need to make a monster cake myself before too long.

Blimpy said...


I'm loving the alt version, hadn't heard it before! top stuff!! where's it from?

the gigolo aunts do a good "serious drugs" too.

saneshane said...

blimpy, it was on the 'take me to heaven' single.

steenb, you are let off (the cake) it sounded like very hectic weekend.
what I really want to know is.. what's your real first name then?

ejaydee said...

Yes, me too! We'e been cheated. So do you go by N. Claire A.?

DarceysDad said...

Sorry steenbeck, didn't mean to create a rumpus about your given names ... it was just a surprise, that's all.

I'm borrowing a terminal at my customer's premises whilst a trainee's doing a theory test. Maddeningly keen to hear the Toffeecast too, but probably won't manage it until the weekend.

steenbeck said...

No worries, DD, it's not very interesting. Just Nelle. I did used to think, as a youth I could go by MC NCA, which is a joke because I can't put a sentence together in normal conversation, let alone... It does have a nice rhyming thing, though. Or MC ENCEE. Oh, like DJ EJAY.

DarceysDad said...

@ steen - TOO COOL !!! We can now have ...

The Garageband Spillers feat. MC Encee & DJ Ejay. Snadfrod on drums, RockingMitch on bass, half a dozen guitarists (OHMYGOD it's BlueOysterCult re-incarnate!); Visuals and Artwork by saneshane; live shows boosted by The Actionettes; International Promotions by frogprincess; Official Photography by goneforeign; Biography by Abahachi; Blogography by Kalyr, etc., etc., etc.

And, er, if you need a driver for the tour bus, can I volunteer?


steenbeck said...

You made me laugh, DD, but...WHY ARE YOU STILL AWAKE?? I don't know how you do it.

DarceysDad said...

I've always got by on very little sleep, sb. This week I'm working 200 miles from home for a customer who wants their late shift ops training, so (i) I only actually finished work 90 mins ago, and (ii) I don't need to be up in 4hrs to get DarceysSis to school.

The bonus is that my B&B has wi-fi, so here I am at nearly three in the morning, with a large (plastic tumbler of) rosé wine, listening to ToffeeBoy's podcast.

How do you DO those things, btw? I'd love to but don't have a clue how. I figure me & Gordon could do a jount Smashy & Nicey one quite convincingly if only we weren't both technodunces!

DarceysDad said...

That'd be "joint", obviously, not "jount". Blame the wine (two-thirds of a bottle) or the tiredness (been up 19hrs), I don't care! Toffee Bean Pt2 will have to wait until the morning, I guess.

Oh and thanks for the ultimate compliment, Claire. Nothing on Earth gives me a bigger buzz than making my girls laugh, so in their absence ...

G'night all.

Shoey said...

Shane - do you have a website? Showed this pic to a friend who loved it (me too, by the way) & may be interested in buying some of your work. Got to pay for the vinyl somehow, right?

saneshane said...

hey shoey.. thank you very much for expanding the audience of my little mad man.

sorry I don't have a website.. this is due to the fact that I started using the computer (to help with the pictures) in January when the spill started.
Before spill... tech illiterate,
Since spill..... a bit better.

If you or they wanted to e-mail me direct it's in my profile under the picture of me and my son being cold on a north Norfolk beach.. see over there on the left..

Other wise in December and January I'm hoping to start getting stuff sorted.. so watch this space.

(I will possibly just faff about on the spill though so don't watch too closely)

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - loved the BMX Bandits - hadn't heard them for years and thought they'd weathered quite well. The artwork is inspirational as always and really deserves a larger audience.

Really enjoying the CDs you sent me last week - lost of great stuff there. Thanks again...