Friday, November 7, 2008

Time For Bed

Bed Of Roses
Early To Bed
Waterbed Babies
Recent Bedroom
Jacob's Pillow
Yer Little Bedroom
Talk To Me
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Sleeping Diagonally
House Break
Wet Dream


maddy said...

more morphine! hurrah! also, i really love the atlas sound song, very very beautiful. looking forward to listening to yr playlist in full on sunday on the laptop in the kitchen...

Shoey said...

Glad you're liking it so far, Maddy. You might want to have some headphones or the skip button handy for the last track that has crude lyrics and a catchy tune. Could prove to be a deadly combination if any small people are within earshot.

saneshane said...

Hey Mr. Shoey
Ask Me About Jon Stross is great
something I've got reminds me of it the drawl....
ah there it is
an album called 'Slow Days' by 'the Year Of' don't know anything about it.. I do love Morphine but don't have that much.. where do I begin?

mostly I go blind with your selections and shove them in itunes so I don't use up your bandwidth.. then delete the double ups..
which one is Jesse Rae?

Shoey said...

Shane, Morphine are a deffo "get 'em all" for me, but would start with "Like Swimming" and work backwards. Sadly, there won't be any more. The big Jesse is doing Jacob's Pillow with the On-U crew - hope you likey.