Saturday, November 1, 2008

traveling travelling

Traveling Riverside Blues--RObert Johnson
Woody Guthrie--Hard Travelin
Gotta Travel On--Bill Monroe and his Bluegrass Boys
Tell Her--Fred Williams and the Jewels Band
Waiting for a Train--Mississippi John Hurt
Tom Waits--Train Song
Bob Dylan--Freight Train BLues
Train to Chicago--Drink Me
Places and Spaces
All the Places
Paris, Tokyo--Lupe Fiasco
I Left My Wallet in El Segundo--ATCQ
Award Tour--ATCQ
Travellin Man--Mos Def

1 comment:

saneshane said...

hey ya steenb..

that clip always un-nerves me for some reason..

I'm at an advantage because a lot of these are on the train CD you sent me..
good list.

and too too large a subject I think.. trying to get through all the playlists here...

(got to see my Dad soon, and I'm thinking His Blues collection may have to be borrowed very shortly after listening to the RO Johnson)