Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh No! It's Blimpcast 4!!

Holy cow! It's Blimpcast number 4 already! 
Blimpcast 4 Part 1
Blimpcast 4 Part 2
This edition covers more of the Scots indie popscene, plumminess and revolution, live murder commentary, being missing in Acton, and much more! 
Hope you enjoy! X


ejaydee said...

You're mad, you are!

Blimpy said...


Shoegazer said...

You can wait ages for a Blimpcast, then two come along at once.

ejaydee said...

"like a crisp sandwich" ...Watch your back David Attenborough.
And I reckon No Pussy Blues is sung by a middle-aged man, so basically Nick Cave if he weren't a rock star, which is half of a character.

saneshane said...

good to hear 'taken by trees' well engineered in there..
do you need me to post some serious drugs.. if you can't find yours?

I have a couple of versions.

I mean BMX bandits obviously.

"like a crisp sandwich"
and the flavour of mouse is..
mewsli is no bagpuss thats for sure....

Japanther said...

Great stuff Blimpy!

Thanks for reminding me of Macrocosmica. I saw them at The Louisiana in Bristol back in the day, they were ace, of course.'s making me pine for my Britpop/Scottish Indie collection....with the Yen so strong at the moment it might well be time to get the whole lot shipped over....

Blimpy said...

mice krispies, hem hem.