Friday, November 14, 2008

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The Evening's Young
Learning To Cope With Cowardice
Yoga Of The Nightclub
Secret Laboratory (Scientific Dancehall)
King of the Beat
Dis Dancehall Ting Is Better Than That T.V. Ting Tony
This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race
The Bubbly
Wild Party
Rave On
*Bonus Tracks - Some not mouldy oldies:
The Green Door
The Girl Can't Dance
Let's Stomp


saneshane said...

my listening pleasures are not keeping up either.. but as its a nightclub theme..

calm down gently
could be the order of the day.

Have you got this seasons (I would say 'Fall' by it confuses us English!) Matador sampler:

the Spring one is still up as well.. well worth a cherry pick.

Mnemonic said...

Thanks for Matador tip.

I've been meaning to mention (Canadian-based high quality, often flac files, download seller), who do a free sampler every fortnight and (The Line of Best Fit blog) who do a sampler of very high standard every month.

Shoey said...

@Shane & Mnemonic

Thanks for the tips. My wonderful local record shop gave me a great Fall double cd sampler (29 tracks), packed with 'spill faves. May be able to get it from (name on the box).

Went overboard with the On-U stuff this week (5 of 10 tracks) - maybe you had to be there to love this stuff. Recall that DsD liked a bit of Tack>Head, but perhaps he prefers the later Fowler era.

Shoey said...

Oh & Shane did you get the the new Goats "Satanic" E.P.?Only 666 copies on vinyl or free download from the Mountain Goats website.

saneshane said...

got the download
would love a vinyl copy!
some good free tunes floating about at the moment, shall check your links later mnemonic, cheers all.

I'm playing spot the uploader as
yours ejd and steens songs have all gone alphabetically into an i-tunes folder..

good fun as I'm doing artwork on screen so can't check as yet!

Shoey said...

ooh, new 'Spill game. Picking out a Steen from an Ejay could be tricky, paticularly on the Hip-hop stuff.

Was thinking about a 'Spill version of Peelies Festive 50. We all pick our 3 favourite tracks of the year & dump them in a mega-playlist for Christmas. Thoughts?

DarceysDad said...

Good idea, Shoegazer.

I liked the version Dorian asked us for a year or two back - 5 fave tracks new this year, plus 5 fave old songs only discovered this year.

steenbeck said...

Here's how you can tell our songs apart, Saneshane, EJD's about a foot taller than me.

shoey said...

Playlist of newly discovered tunes thanks to RR/Spill is a great idea - love it. Would also be a cool to recognize whoever introduced you to a new fave. Would really like to post the actual tunes & keep the final list(s) a surprise.

Only potential problem could be:

5 x (# "active" 'Spillers + occasional vistors) = Bandwidth problems.

3 songs each, given our numbers, should be managable. Could we do both new & old lists? Happy to take on the new list, anyone want to take on the old?

saneshane said...

now this is a good idea..
wish I remembered who introduced me to each new track though.. I've only just started to add a folder for each post and am already out of sync..

@steen I'm 6' odd and ejd seemed at least a foot taller than me too (and that was sitting down)

ejaydee said...

That's because I always sit on a cushion Shane, thus guaranteeing me tallest man in the room status. In actuality, I'm only a few inches taller than you.
I was thinking about my top 5 of the year earlier today, hoping Maddy would continue this ancestral 2 year long tradition.

FP said...

yes to Shoey's festive 50. Do it first week in December. I'm in. Does it have to be tracks released this year? FP

Shoey said...

OK, as long as it doesn't interfere with any existing RR tradition, will do a post for how to nominate the 2008 'Spill tracks of the year.

saneshane said...

so is it going to be the same as Dorian started:

5 tracks released this year
5 tracks found from RR/Spill/introduced to.. from any era, but a new listen this year for the nominee?

as we are all so unique(!) a festive 50 could be a tough call.... but go for it Shoey.. can I design the covers when it becomes a xmas stocking filler?

Shoegazer said...

Think I'll stick to fave 3 tracks from each from 2008 (a la Peelie) to keep the final playlist to a manageable size. Love the other idea of favorite noms from any era, so if anyone else wants to take this on....

saneshane said...

you mean you have other things to do with you life!

Shoegazer said...

The phrase biting off more than you can chew comes to mind. Anyhow, the post is up - let's see what happens.