Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The real tincan

Mnemonic's post with a picture of a luxury Airstream prompted me to share this picture of mine. Not quite as fancy by a ton. but it was home to me for a few years and I still have it parked in Canada for cheap accomodation when I'm there.

(When I first got it, my brother asked what it was like to live in a tincan. Hence my online nickname .... and since I met my current wife online, I was Tinnie to her and remain so to her and her - now hers and my - kids. I've been Tinnie so long, sometimes I even forget my real name now)


goneforeign said...

Tinnie or whoever you are. I've always wanted an Airstream, they're the top of the line in RV's, built like an aircraft. There was a time when I considered amalgamating one with a diesel low bed truck, I planned to join the front to the rear cab of the truck to create a walk-through. It would have been the ultimate in luxury, economy and reliability, but instead I converted a diesel bus.

Shoey said...

My money would have been on a certain Bowie tune as the source of your non de blog - & I would have been wrong. Will make a note to call you Tinnie from now on - but don't tell Mr. Proudfoot.

The mothership closed it's doors before I got round to donds - so 'Spill donds for the time travelling Mr. Vanderslice - at some point he's going to work with John Darnielle again, as The Comedians. Look out for this one.

Marconius7 said...

You mentioned the Airstream when we had coffee. Nice to have a home away from home!

snadfrod said...

Tinnie - from the warmth of my own motorcaravan I can only tell you that my wife is now unbelievably jealous. They really are gorgeous, aren't they?

Time was, when we were starting our camper search, that we seriously toyed with importing a REALLY cheap one from US ebay. I even looked into the shipping cost. And then stopped looking sharpish.

We are very jealous indeed.

tincanman said...

Yes, well there are a few things which don't work 100% on the inside. Like the furnace, half the plumbing .... but it does me.
(And now I feel guilty it sits in a field unused much of the time)