Friday, November 7, 2008

The beds i' the east are soft

This is the Antony and Cleopatra room at a b'n'b in Northumberland (in honour of 'Cleopatran charm', copyright sourpus on RR). They also have a Romeo and Juliet room. Do you think they know what happens in those plays?

I found I hadn't got a digital copy of Tomorrow Is A Long Time by Dylan, so it's Sandy Denny instead.

Maria's Bed, by Bruce Springsteen
Poppy Red, by Richard Thompson
Tomorrow is a Long Time, by Sandy Denny
In My Room, by the Beach Boys
Cold Bed, by the Gourds
Silver Dagger, by Joan Baez
One Night as I Lay On My Bed, by Shirley Collins


maddy said...

hi tfd, was going to post a note to you on mothership but then felt guilty about clogging up blog with my parenting woes, anyway wanted to say thank you v much for your note to me over there, funnily enough i had had a similar thought myself, that i had been talking to child#1 too much about child#2, so that's now on the five-point plan to sort her sleeping that i laid out to my chap over dinner. while i'm here, i hope you get your heating sorted soon, i usually need at least two jumpers on even with full central heating (it's the cypriot in me, unfortunately), so i really feel for you at the moment...

treefrogdemon said...

Hi Maddy...I'm really worried about my grandson - as soon as the new one's born I'm going to go straight over there and spoil him rotten; as for the cold, it's what you're used to really...when the kids were little we lived in a house that was heated by two small coal fires, no heat at all upstairs and we couldn't keep the fires in all night. (I keep telling myself.)