Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pics & More Travel Songs

For a 1st appearance on the 'Spill, here are some pics of the youngest Teenshoe's Halloween costume (Yes, she's in there somewhere). She made it herself and it helped her score vast quantities of candy.

Anyhow, here's some more travel related tunes from: Wreckless Eric, Stranglers, Only Ones, Wolfgang Press, Half Man Half Biscuit, Mercury Rev, Bunnymen, Fat Boy Slim, Boom Bip w/Nina Nastasia, Stuart Staples and Black's cover of the tune we started with.

Whole Wide World
The Raven
Another Girl, Another Planet
Going South
Driver Of A Train
Black Forest
Bombers Bay
The Journey
(The Matter Of) Our Discussion
That Leaving Feeling
Whole Wide World


Proudfoot said...

Very cunning. Disguise yourself as a matchstalk girl and people give you candy because they think you need feeding up. I knew going out as Mr Blobby was a mistake.
Will listen in later when Proudfeet are awake.

goneforeign said...

none of the tracks are responding

ToffeeBoy said...

They're working for me - great playlist shoey. Hadn't heard The Only Ones for a while - lots of others that sound worthy of a few more listens. Thanks.

Shoegazer said...

Sorry that your Boxstr problems continue GF. Sometimes it takes a few page refreshes to get the player up.

Glad you liked the tunes Toffee, not had a chance to non some of these on the mothership yet, but suspect Another Girl is zedded.

Proudfoot said...

'non' ? 'zedded' is fine but 'non' seems a little bit too Newspeak for me. I am now founding a RR 'stuckist' movement to re-introduce the word 'seconds' and to insist that we address eachother by our full names. (Shades of Sidney Poitier in 'To Sir With Love' coming on here).
No more fp, Darce, shoey or...gulp...proudie.
OK Mr Shoegazer?
PS Boxstr workin fine at my end. Great playlist. Despite my beef at it being the-only-Only-Ones-song-anyone-plays age has not wearied it. I now have 3 versions of 'Whole Wide World'. Who'd've thunk?

Shoegazer said...

OK, Mr. LargeKeyboard, let's see if you feel like banging out War & Peace, hunting & pecking with fat thumbs on a mobile. Good point on The Only Ones, they do have other good songs, but not as good - another girl is one of the best songs ever about addiction.

TracyK said...

I really enjoyed listening to this, thanks. Especially enjoyed The Wolfgang Press track, totally unknown to me, but something very Copey about the voice. Ta!

Shoegazer said...

Thanks Tracy, the Press were wonderful, Shane is a big fan too.

saneshane said...

Wolfgang Press are an aquired taste.. but I think they are great.. saw them and the Pixies one night, was an interesting experience.. by the time we finished I was slightly battered!

Proudfoot said...

No-one's ever called me Mr Large Keyboard before. As Sparklehorse would put it:
I play great keyboards of horses' teeth....

Wolfgang Press I only vaguely remember. Must have a go on Last FM later.