Friday, November 21, 2008

"Hello Chicago! Will you please welcome from England .. U - F - O"

UFO - On With The Action.

One of my earliest-and-30-years-later-still favourite songs. Fits this week's RR to a tee, and I will expect sourpus, or possibly Abahachi on his return, to nominate it forthwith.

Lyrically, it's Broooce re-writing West Side Story's less Shakespearian moments.

"Something going on at the corner of the block,
It's the kids down there
They were starting to rock.
Hot black fever runnin' every place
When the Greek kid pulled a knife and pushed it in his face.
Some girl makes it with a lover in the door
As the ambulance pulls away, she cries out 'more!'
All the kids stand laughin'
They never had such fun,
Then someone cuts a brown man who just can't run.
And the queen that's been standing behind the toilet door
His parents don't like boyfriends, call him a whore.
But the old minister's staring with his bible in his hand,
Was this God's children? He didn't understand."

That last quoted line in particular really gets me.

Musically, it's Michael Schenker at his best. I'm sorry, but my fingers just will NOT stay still in that solo.

I know I'm on the fringes with my heavy rock core taste, so won't be embarrassed by a zero comment response, but I can't *not* post this.


Tim (Kalyr) said...

Haven't heard that one for *years*.

I must upgrade my UFO stuff from vinyl to CD.

Did you see any of Schenker's UK tour this spring? I caught his Manchester show in February - he was both sober, and on spectacularly good form.

sourpus said...

DD, right there with ya on this. Indeed a fine track from them. Thanks to you, im right back into all their albums again. Cheers!