Monday, November 24, 2008

Festive 'Spill Update

22 tracks received so far. Please keep 'em coming: Boxtr & Podbean links seem to be the best way of getting your noms to me, as some mp3 files are proving too large for some e-mail filters. I'm going to be away from December 22, so I plan to post the final playlists as a series of three over successive nights, starting on Friday, December 19. Let me know if this works for everyone? If it does, would suggest a deadline for nominations of Monday, December 15. Based on noms so far, I think this is going to be a lot of fun, folks.


Japanther said...

I've decided my nominations but technology is proving to be a stumbling block.

Does anyone know where I can find that ridiculously complicated looking guide to posting files using Boxstr? I bought myself a new Macbook yesterday and can finally now try out some 'Spillage, if I can get my head around Boxstr that is.....

Mnemonic said...

I kept these instructions but I haven't tried it yet (too busy updating my CV and doing job applications, something I find VERY stressful).

Go to your blogger profile and select this post, and edit it. (This might be referring to a post you have already set up.)

Select the tab on top named HTML- your post will now appear in HTML format. Just as Blimpy said, call up the help page of the Blogger site. Under No. 12, there is a piece of code text bracketed by <..> which you need to cut and paste into the HTML tab of your post, at the place you want the link to appear. Now you just have to copy your archive MP3 link, and insert it between the quotation marks within this bracketed portion of code.

Use the preview function to see how your post will look; if you've done it correctly it should show the music player.

Japanther said...

Thanks a lot Mnemonic,

I'll give it a go!

Japanther said...

Hmm.... No. 12 ????

What is No. 12?? Can't seem to find it or the code text!!

May1366 said...

Japanther - for Shoey's purposes, you don't need the media player link, just your Boxstr code. So google Boxstr, find the site, register and then click on Upload in the title bar. That will allow you to Browse your files for the tracks in question (do them one at a time): when you've selected the track and click the upload button that should be visible, after a few minutes you will be presented with a code in a box. Copy that to Shoey for each track.

For posting on the 'Spill, also google Yahoo Media Player. You'll need the HTML code, which is Name of track and the code for the player itself which you paste into your blogger post.

May1366 said...

Whoops - that should have shown the code itself but the HTML made it into an actual link. Anyway, the Yahoo Media Player shows what you have to do.

Japanther said...

Thanks a lot everyone, I think I cracked it! Kind of....

Japanther said...

Thanks a lot everyone, I think I cracked it! Kind of....

treefrogdemon said...

May, you don't need the Yahoo Media Player any more cos Blimpy has worked some magic and incorporated it in the blog itself.

gremlinfc said...

I'm still having hell on with PodBean - any advice please?

sourpus said...

same here...please fill me in too

ToffeeBoy said...

@ gremlinfc, sourpus and anyone else who's interested. Here's my 20-step guide to creating a Podbean playlist. All I can say is, it works for me...

1. Go to

2. Click on Sign Up

3. Select Basic Free (or pay up if you really want to) and then Sign Up Now

4. Go to Create Your Account and do all the usual signy-up stuff...

5. Retrieve your password from the email they send you then click on Login >>

6. Click on Publish a podcast

7. Click on Upload

8. Click on the Upload button with the green arrow

9. This takes you to the Media Manager where you upload songs

10. Click on Browse and find the songs you want to upload from your system (which, of course, you've already converted to mp3 format). Repeat this step for each song (you can also upload multiple tracks - 4 at a time - and if you're feeling particularly adventurous you can use their ftp site but I think you need to pay to do this?)

11. Once you've uploaded all the files you want, click on My Playlists (which you'll find in the narrow black banner at the top of the Podbean screen)

12. Click on Create a New Playlist

13. Select a player (you can choose silver or black and unless you're only putting one song on your playlist (as if!!) you'll select one of the multi-track players

14. Click Continue

15. Leave the player on Auto Start: No

16. Fill in the following details for each track:

Title [The name of the song - but note that it doesn't like apostrophes, dashes and question marks]
URL [Leave blank]
MP3 in your account [Select the song you want to add from the drop down list]

17. Give the playlist a name (in the box at the end of the playlist). No gaps - just text.

18. Click Save Playlist & Continue

19. Copy the code from the box on the right of the screen into your blog post.

20. That's it.