Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To fight another day ...

I was so engrossed in the debate on the power of words that took place over on the Mothership at the weekend that I haven't had time (until now) to put up the weekly playlist. I'm sure you've all been sitting around, twiddling your thumbs, wondering when I would get round to it so you'll be pleased to see that the wait is finally over...

Ten songs, some of which I recommended on RR, others that I've thought of since. Some fit the theme very well, others are tangenital at best. Some you'll know, others may be new to you. Some will make you smile, others will no doubt produce the classic 'meh' reaction. All are, in my opinion, wonderful songs which deserve an airing.

Here's the full tracklisting:

1. What's The Matter Here? - 10,000 Maniacs
2. 40 Days And 40 Fights - Badly Drawn Boy
3. Just Give 'Em Whiskey - Colourbox
4. Violence, Easter And Christmas - Gangway
5. Sleep Well Tonight - Gene
6. I Predict A Riot - The Kaiser Chiefs
7. Little Hitler - Everything But The Girl
8. Violence - The Pet Shop Boys
9. The Police Will Never Find You - Gene
10. Riot Van - The Arctic Monkeys

The debate on RR threw up some fascinating ideas and it's clear from most of the posts that we are, in the main, a peace loving bunch. But I'm sure that most of us would also agree that some things are worth fighting for. So what would make you fight the good fight and when (if ever) is violence justified?

PS. For the benefit of gremlinfc, sourpus and others who may be interested, I've posted a step-by-step guide to creating a Podbean playlist - it's in the comments on shoegazer's Festive 'Spill Update post.


steenbeck said...

The only time I feel violent is when indie-pop haggis-eaters start talking shit about American hip hop.

Actually, it's a good question, Toffeeboy. I think for me, and I know this sounds selfish, I would fight if someone that I love is immediately threatened. One of my sons, particularly. I have dreams that they're in danger (I suppose all parents do) and I also have dreams that I attack whoever is hurting them, and I wake up in a fury. It's not pleasant, it's a horrible feeling.

I like your picture, haven't had time to listen to the list yet.

Indie Pop Haggis Eater said...

don't hate the player, hate the game

steenbeck said...

Er, Toffeeboy, I just realized that if you weren't reading the comments on the post below it would sound like I'd lost my mind. For the record I like Indie pop, although I feel like I can never keep up with it. And I'm very fond of vegetarian Haggis.

saneshane said...

Really enjoyed the mix ToffeeBoy,
completely forgot to comment, well worth the effort put in... isn't that just the best Colourbox track?

(Channel 4 were showing the Prisoner when it started up and I tried to get all the people at school to watch the best program ever... they thought I was weird.. my art teacher agreed with me.. and possible helped shape my outlook on life... cheers)

saneshane said...

"because when you are a little child then crazy is creative....
...then you reach a certain age and the world will deem you dangerous,

but I would never HURT a fly unless it sold my secrets to a spider on the wall, whose eight eyes are contagious...

I wanna tell you all these things, before I see the doctor..
...because I don't know what I'll remember once they start to shock me."
HER SPACE HOLIDAY justifies violence.

DarceysDad said...

Evening gents.

It was a hard decision for tonight's listening (earpiece-only btw - we've got guests in the next room), but in the end Toffee's PodBeaner won by the simple fact that I can play Shane's O.T.R. CD in the car on my 2hr-each-way moors'n'motorway commute tomorrow.

@ TB - excellent start to your list again. F'r'instance, that's the first 10kM song I ever heard, and I still adore it; but I can't get past the Gangway track, which I feel I should hate, but is actually eightiestastic. Never heard of 'em: tell me more.

@ Shane - You are just a total star, sir, and you put me to shame. I can't wait for Monday, as I have a self-imposed "December-only" rule about Christmas music. I only previously know of one of those songs (Lisa Loeb's version of Jingle Bells), and I now absolutely MUST post you a copy of some of my own compilations ...

... in fact, sod working, watch for a new 'Spill posted info request in a few mins.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ saneshane - genius - not sure I'd like to meet insaneshane...

@ darceysdad - evenin' to you too. Gangway were a mid-80s Danish band who clearly admired the Pet Shop Boys. They had a (very) minor hit with a song called My Girl And Me which I may just include on ToffeeBean#2. Also a fantastic song about bullying called Do You Remember?

"We gave them their ticks
Their awkward approach
The difficulties in expressing themselves...

Why would you feel you should hate them?

DarceysDad said...

You kinda answered it yourself, TB: I can't stand the PSB (Tracy & fp will be pinning my pic to their dartboards imminently, no doubt).

saneshane said...

insaneshane is fine now.. everyone is safe.. no worries.

the jacket fits.