Friday, November 7, 2008

Monsters under the BED.

culled from a short list of 107 so far
Over the Rhine- Let's spend the day in bed
at swim two birds- in bed with your best friend
Stars- in our bedroom after the war
Buck 65- Riverbed part2
Electric President- Insomnia
Hot Club De Paris- sometimesitsbetternotto...
Her Space Holiday- Sleepy Tigers
Magnet/Gemma Hayes- Lay Lady Lay

apart from the Roots(a joke) this is now the whole playlist.. boxstr is playing up so it might not play..
Spearmint- wrapped up together
Laura Marling- night terror
Le Tigre- eau de bedroom dancing
Flying Pickets- get off my cloud
Galaxie 500- fourth of July
Buck 65- riverbed part 5
Cass McCombs- bedding down post-xmas time
Styrofoam-simply lie here and breath
Roots- duck down
Nick Cave- dead man in my bed
Kevin Drew-lucky ones


Japanther said...

again just popping in to say Hi as i'm still in Sweden for business (Mrs Japanther's business actually, I'm just tagging along to translate when needed and do the donkey work) as "Beds" is another mighty topic that Mrs Japanther will never let me have time for....i'm still catching up on Obama news as i've been trapped in smalltown Sweden with no internet and not even a minute to switch on the hotel TV.

Going to try to listen to as much of the playlist as possible before falling asleep...back later if I can get an internet connection at the next hotel....

saneshane said...

hope you enjoy if you do get connected... but sleep and dream first.

ToffeeBoy said...

This is a magnificent playlist, shane but I find myself feeling stressed by the amount of music I now need to investigate. I've just looked up Over The Rhine and discovered that they've recorded 13 studio albums. I mean, what am I supposed to do about that?

And I'd never heard of At Swim Two Birds either - you're making my life hell...

saneshane said...

Over the Rhine...
I'm slowly working through..
I started with Drunkards prayer album and I'm falling in love I think..

at swim two birds
I kind of liked the drawing on the cover... and found a very raw emotional album included
'wine destroys the memory' or' laziness and the lack of the right medication' are two find titles in any ones song book.

M.O.T.D time, back soon.

DarceysDad said...

Donds to Toffee's comments re the playlist, Shane, particularly Over The Rhine. That song REALLY reminds me of something else and it's driving me scatty trying to place it.

DarceysDad said...

BLOODY HELL SHANE! I've just opened this week's post, and found that H-U-G-E cover versions collection you sent me.

Thank you my friend; I really must get my lazy arse down to the Post Office this week.

saneshane said...

it was only for you just in case DsD
as you wanted the clash one...

then I get over excited and send you too much..

hope you enjoy..

I'm guessing you find them as interesting as I do.