Friday, November 14, 2008

What's this place uptown that all the hepcats rave about?

Savoy--Lucky Millinder
Stompin at the Savoy--Isham Jones
Savoyager's Stomp--Carroll Dickerson's Savoyagers
Mahogany Hall Stomp--Louis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five
Specials--Nite Klub
Alton Ellis--Dance Crasher
Dub it in the Dancehall Dub--King Jammy
Pete Rock & Dead Prez--Warzone
Talib Kweli--Lonely People
Idle Warship ft. MC Chris--Screamin
Outkast--Last Call
Goodie Mob--The Dip
Talib Kweli--Soon the New Day
Mos Def--Miss Fat Booty

Edit--I couldn't resist adding Soon the New Day, because it's a more mellow, thoughtful examination of different aspects of club-going, and Miss Fat Booty, because all but maybe 5 lines of it take place in a club, and I just love it so much.


saneshane said...

It almost looks like I held off for four minutes so I get the top of the blog!
..sorry steenb
off to safari so I can listen to yours amd maybe nominate mine over at RR.

ejaydee said...

Is Talib Kweli's Lonely People from an album? I doubt that Beatles sample would have made it normally.
Nice Daft Punk sample on Screamin.

steenbeck said...

Very observant, Ejaydee--I believe it was supposed to be on Beautiful Struggle, but because of problems with the Beatles sample it was released on a Beautiful Mixtape instead. And I didn't know what the sample on Screamin was, thanks. I do know I can't play that or Warzone before bedtime because it gets the boys riled up.

goneforeign said...

Steen: When I was about 14 I became obsessed with jazz, specifically Louis. I'm not sure how I did it, not owning a turntable or any records, but I learned note for note lots of Louis' solos, an early favorite was Mahogany Hall stomp, I just checked and I can still whistle along!
That's Louis also with that lovely trumpet solo on the Carroll Dickerson cut. Thanks for including 'em.