Thursday, November 6, 2008

A-Z Update

Goneforeign and DarceysDad were kind enought to email me spreadsheets done by fourfoot which are up to date to the end of August. I have updated them further to be current and now have the A-Z by Artist done up to L. I am cross-checking them with the RR A-Z and find the occasional discrepancy which I try to resolve by seacrhing online. I should have the complete A-Z by Artizt done within the next week as it is pretty easy slogging now that I have this fantastic spreadsheet to work with.

Thanks to goneforeign DsD and fourfoot.

After the A-Z by Artists is done I will do an A-Z by Topic which I have already started on and then complete all the Topic Pages of which eleven are now done. I'm finding it quite fascinating which topics have already been done and am enjoying going back and reading the columns I missed. Because fourfoot included a "submitted by" column, I will add that info to the topic pages as well.

The Index is at

More updates next week.


bethnoir said...

excellent work, thanks for spending time doing this

Shoegazer said...

Seems a bit disingenuous after all your hard work, but not sure that the A-Z by topic adds anything not covered by Topic by date; unless the final version is going to be an alphabetical list on a page, rather than the current click a letter to see if you can find one, format (not many topics starting with k, q, x or z, I suspect).

Just a thought. Thanks again for doing this!

Abahachi said...

There's a bit of an issue with the 'hatchet jobs' list: not sure where OMD have come from, but Caught Out There was Kelis, and you've missed out Martha Wainwright.

Marconius7 said...

I've fixed that page now...thanks for the catch.