Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

having caught a tiny snatch of the music of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on Buzzcocks this evening, i felt compelled to use the power of the internet to see how much I could find out about them in half an hour. I also used this half hour to play one side of a Chapterhouse 12" that i got for £1.49 in the charity shop today, have a conversation with mrs mcflah, refill my e-cig, go to the bathroom, and much more besides. consequently i haven't found out much asides from these two songs i'm gonna post. the first one sounds like Duffy covering "Walking On the Sun" by Smashmouth (yes, smashmouth! mentioned on the spill!). the second sounds like a funky horny (trumpets and that, ken) shuffle through a moloko jam, crossed with something I can't quite put my finger on just now (someone please put me out my misery).
um, they're swedish, have released one 3 track EP,  have 4144 myspace friends, were on an ipod ad, and now they're on the spill.
boom! well done internet! 
(i'm finding it very hard to not put an apostrophe in their name by the way. although i did find it very easy to write this post without putting capitals Where they should be.)

The Sun Ain't Shining No More by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Around The Bend by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour


saneshane said...

'Around the bend' is a great track, haven't heard 'The Sun......' shall give it a listen.

she has great teeth by the way... flesh ripping teeth.

Blimpy said...

and leopard hide instead of legskin.

saneshane said...

Tom Leopard from a ruined bothy on the Scottish island of Skye said

"I had to canoe to Kyle once a week for shopping and it was getting too hard for me - I was one big wave away from disaster. It's a pretty nasty stretch of water.
"About six weeks ago a friend with a boat offered to take me off and I just decided there and then to go."
"The woman from The Asteroids Galaxy Tour emerged from the water ripped my flesh and made a pair of trousers outta it, the cheek ....."

Blimpy said...

shane, that's the single funniest comment the spill has ever had!

consequently, I'm deleting the blog, to go out on a high - cos it'll never be topped!