Friday, November 28, 2008

Feck.. it's a train!!!!!!!!!!

Jens Lekman
Golden Virgins
Azure Ray
Immaculate Machine
Mat Riviere Vs. The Owl Box
Schneider TM Vs. KPT.Michi.Gan
Here's the files I struggled with last night.
Tom Vek


saneshane said...

oh the servers down..

hope they can be listened to tomorrow.

saneshane said...

and Whitey didn't take either!

Japanther said...

Seems OK now.....and another amazing playlist. Love Jens Lenkman and Schwervon!

One more technical question if anyone can help. I've got an MP3 off a website that opened up as a Quicktime player screen. It plays in iTunes, but when I tried to upload it into Boxstr it doesn't exist in itunes....any idea how to turn it into a "real" MP3 that can be loaded onto Boxstr (when I drag it onto the Desktop, it shows it as "HTTP")??....Help!

Shoey said...

@Shane - You beat me the to the Virgins - great song. Will listen to the rest later when done with work. Don't forget to send me your noms for the Festive 'Spill.

Try changing your i-Tunes import settings to Mp3 (preferences). Right Click on the file & you should get a convert to mp3 option in the list.

Otherwise, an upgrade to QT Pro will let you save the file from the QT player (also great for downloading Podbeans). As a last resort, a real time Audacity recording, if Audacity is able to import this type of file.

ejaydee said...

Japanther, when downloading the song, did you right/ctrl-click and choose "Open with iTunes"? If so, the song is only streaming via iTunes, but it's not in your files.

Blimpy said...

tis uber easy to upgrade to qt pro without paying. let me know.

ToffeeBoy said...

@ shane - love the Jens Lekman track (I recognised it from one of your mix-CDs). I still read the name as Jens Lehman every time and wonder why Arsenal's ex-goalkeeper is so popular in these parts.

Japanther said...

Thanks Shoey and ejaydee......I changed the settings and used Ctrl/click (a function I didn't even know existed!!) and managed to download it as an MP3 - you're right ejaydee, iTunes was only streaming it.

Thanks again and apologies for my technological incompetence......but I HAVE come a long way; just 2 or 3 short years ago I ended up having to pay an overdue fine at the video shop 'cos I couldn't work out how to get the DVD out of the laptop!! True story!

saneshane said...

my Jens Lekman compilation to get people into him is called 'the goalkeepers fear...'

it makes me smile... (I'm easily pleased)

I'll send you a copy at some point.. hope you are enjoying the mixes.

I'm with you on the tech front.. each time I do anything it's a leap of faith...
the spill has been my learning process.

ejaydee said...

I'm only halfway, but that's an amazing playlist Shane!

saneshane said...

glad you like so far EJD..
.. I do now have ten new tracks that I would have play listed too.. but getting it over and done with an hour and a half into the game.. gave me the weekend to think of my fav 3 tracks of the year.


ejaydee said...

I keep thinking I'm done but a fourth song keeps rearing its funky head.

saneshane said...

I've narrowed it down to:
38 tracks 2.4 hours of new tracks

it's down from 142 songs from 2008 that I love..

I either buy too much music or I'm not critical enough.

Shoegazer said...

Another great list Shane. Like the Whitey track in particular - crackles & all.