Friday, November 14, 2008

DISKO Biscuit

I just don't know how to put this lot together... I'm guessing it'll just be me that likes them all... some true odd skool tracks... enjoy!

Kings Of Convenience-I'd Rather Dance With You
Shantel-disko boy
Arab Strap-The Shy Retirer
Seeed-dancehall caballeros
Mint Royale-Dancehall Places
The Wombats-Let's Dance To Joy Division

Valentine & Carter-What's that Track
Roland Clark-Time Of The Night
Codec & Flexor-Crazy Girls (Make My Heart Go Boom Boom)

Mia Vigar-Disco lights


Shoey said...

Dondles for the Wombats. Will listen to the rest later - nearly caught-up now, just a few day's listening backlog to go. Once done, am introducing a listen as I go policy.

saneshane said...

and if any body gets past the house to Mia Vigar there's more legit downloads here:

got to big up the locals.

ejaydee said...

Did you get the Codec & Flexor from a covermount CD in Muzik magazine? It sounds like we have the same mix.

saneshane said...

Oh Yeah.. that is its origin
Eron Alkan presents...
ends with a version of Harder, better, faster,stronger
that's suitably harder but not better! (and Duran Duran!)

I just love that crazy girls track though.

ejaydee said...

Me too, and I liked that magazine too, I bought 3 issues, got 3 good CDs form it. Shame it's defunct.